A letter from Dr. Susan Cooper, Deputy Director

Dear Friends, Supporters, and Clients,

This year we begin the celebration of our fiftieth anniversary! It’s a landmark year of reflecting and celebrating the amazing progress Community Action Partnership has made against the many faces and challenges of poverty.

We are continuing to serve a huge client base through our diverse programs. Internally, we refer to  these programs with the acronym of CHEF, or:

  • Community Engagement
  • Health and Wellness
  • Education
  • Financial Stability

Given that we aren’t working with food, per se, this acronym is a useful tool to understand how we carry through our unified Community Action goal: To eliminate poverty. We have been successfully doing this for fifty years, and this year we celebrate and reflect on our achievements, and honor those who have been a part of this massive community effort.

For me personally, our golden anniversary is a time to reflect back and celebrate our accomplishments over the years: the many children who have received a “head start” to their lives by receiving quality early childhood programs; the many women and children who have been sheltered and housed; the many children who are pain-free from tooth decay and will have a lifetime of healthy smiles; the families who have avoided homelessness due to the services they have received; the community members who have learned to advocate for themselves and their neighborhoods.

It is also a time to use what we have learned in order to be successful with the challenges which we will face in the future. Proposed changes in federally funded programs may significantly impact our clients and the agency. Our families have already been affected by the shifts in immigration policies. The community’s need for our help will become greater, and the funds that support this effort may slowly diminish. Your help and participation will be needed.

Please join me and save the date for a celebratory gala and fundraiser on Saturday, September 30. I thank you so much for your continued support and advocacy.

Warmest Regards,

Dr. Susan Cooper

Deputy Director