CAP Action Friends


This wonderful CAP supporters have donated $10 per month or more in an effort to further our programs.  These critical programs are changing lives throughout Sonoma County and we are truly thankful for the incredible support we have received from the following supporters.

Active 20-30 Club of the Redwood
Empire #1029
Madeleine Waldmann
Alan Y. Phinney
Margaret Tourje
Alexis McBride
Margo Requarth
California -Nevada Community
Action Partnership
Marguerite Longtin
Carol T. Carciere
Mariam Green
Carole and Joseph La Torre
Maureen Merrill
Christopher Mills
Mel Montero
City of Rohnert Park
Melody Montero
Connie Codding
Michael E. Dortch
Corvettes of Sonoma County
Mildred C. Lee
Cross and Crown Luthern Church
Mutual of America Life Insurance
Daphne Smith-Ttee
Nancy and Kenneth Fedder
Delta Dental of California
Nancy Vallance
Douglas Petersen
Natural Abilities, LLC
Elisabeth Chicoine & Mark Sloan
Natural Factors Nutritional
Products, Inc.
Ethella Claassen
Neil and Amelia McDaniel
Charitable Trust
Exchange Bank
Odd Fellows Santa Rosa
Lodge #53 100F
Frank Briceno
Rita Sever
Harold C. Appleton
Robin Montero
James T. Spahr
Roy Hurd
Jasmine Gold
Sandy Mailliard
Joanne and Terry Dale
Miki Schmidt-Peterson
Joel Erickson
Summit State Bank
Kalima Rose
Suzanne H. Rubattino
Karen S. Erickson
Suzy and Mike Marzalek
Kathleen R. Fogleman
Toni A. D’Angelo
Ken Keeney
United Way of The Wine Country
Leigh Hall
Ursula B. Senn
Linda Judd
Vicki Cannefax
Linda Marietta
WestAmerica Bank
Lolly Petroni
Yolanda Ayala
Louisa Leavitt