DIG Leadership Program

“DIG has helped me learn the skills to become a leader in my school and community. I learned to overcome my fear of speaking in public to now being able to speak in from of a large audience.”

Problem Statement: Santa Rosa youth often have limited opportunities to create change through youth-led events and activities.

Goal of the Program: Provide youth the training and support to address community problems in Santa Rosa.

Primary Activities:

  • Youth leadership development activities
  • Opportunities to interact with community organizations and agencies
  • Youth-led campaigns in the areas of violence and alcohol prevention
  • Weekly leadership meetings
  • Ongoing participation in community service

Outcome Highlights:
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  • Increased leadership skills among participating youth
  • Increased participation in community building and service among participating youth
  • Development of one community event designed to improve relationships between law enforcement and the community (South Park Day & Night Festival)
  • Development of youth-led underage drinking activity focused on youth and/or parents

Contact Information:

  • Vince Harper


Established in 2000, the DIG Youth Leaders is a leadership program for youth ages 13 to 24. In 2004, the program became a Friday Night Live Chapter to align with the country and statewide Friday Night Live Partnership. In 2011, DIG was designated as the country’s Friday Night Live Roadmap Chapter. The chapter utilizes evidence inform youth development framework designed by the Friday Night Live Network.

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