Dr. Susan Cooper is now our Executive Director!

Community Action Partnership of Sonoma County (CAP) is pleased to announce its new Executive Director, Dr. Susan Cooper. Dr. Cooper retired from private practice in 2004 after practicing for 26 years as a general dentist and successful businesswoman in Santa Rosa, California. Soon after retiring, Dr. Cooper began volunteering in Community Action Partnership’s community dental programs. Dr. Cooper came to recognize the lack of dental services for families at high risk for dental disease in Sonoma County and the inequities that abound around access to care. She began to develop and implement innovative community oral health programs such as WIC Dental Days and the Sonoma County School Smile Program.

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After serving in roles over the last eight years as CAP Director of Programs and Deputy Director, Susan was recently hired as the Executive Director after a national search. Board President, Jamie Padilla says, “We are very excited to have Susan lead the agency. Over her career, Susan has built extensive relationships, respect and knowledge within the agency and throughout the community. Susan is deeply committed to forwarding the vision supported by CAP Board of Directors and the executive leadership team.”

Dr. Cooper describes her vision for the agency to be three-fold. Her first priority is to fully incorporate the Two Generation, or “Whole Family” poverty-elimination approach into the agency’s methodology. This evidence-based strategy intentionally and simultaneously connects high quality services to children and their parents to create a legacy of economic security that passes from one generation to the next. The Whole Family approach is nationally recognized and gaining steam with federal, state and private agencies.

Second, Dr. Cooper desires to allow the heart of Community Action, grassroots engagement, to guide organizational decision-making. She believes it is critical to encourage clients to identify critical issues in their neighborhoods and become their own self-advocates for finding the solutions.

Third, Dr. Cooper, plans to continue the agency’s effort to become organizationally sustainable for the next 50 years. She would like to continue efforts to streamline processes, retain talented staff and strengthen partnerships with funders to continue relevant programming and innovative opportunities.

“We are eager to address this challenge of providing opportunities to local families and improve their lives,” Dr. Cooper explains. “With our strong Board of Directors, positive programmatic outcomes and clear vision, we are poised to serve Sonoma County’s most vulnerable for years to come.”

For press or agency relations, please contact Clay Daulton, Donor Relations Manager, at cdaulton@capsonoma.org or (707) 544-6911 x1005.

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