How did you learn about Community Action Partnership (CAP)?

I do not remember specifically how it is that I learned about CAP Sonoma, but I have always been aware of it. I have friends and colleagues who worked here at some point in their careers and they are all committed to making Sonoma County a more equitable place, which has always inspired me.

How do you connect to CAP’s mission?

I believe in equity and I am passionate about bringing positive change to our community that promotes equity. I believe it is imperative that we all work together to find solutions as a community to support those who are most vulnerable.

CAP Sonoma’s mission is so closely aligned with my values that I felt it was important for me to come work for this agency and contribute in any way to the amazing work already happening here.

What do you enjoy doing for fun in Sonoma County?

I love Sonoma County! I have come to truly appreciate and value having access to nature. I love to go hiking, especially out at the coast. It is such a privilege to live in such a beautiful place, and I want to ensure we keep it beautiful. I very much love going to the farmers market, and I also love the plethora of good restaurants we have to choose from.

Above it all, I enjoy most exploring what Sonoma County has to offer with the people I love.

What is it like to be the director of communications and community relations?

It has been a great experience! I love the team of people who work here at CAP Sonoma because they care about the individuals and families we serve and about the community as a whole. I hope that through my contributions I can help enhance that amazing work already being done.

This position is both exciting and challenging, and I have felt supported by everyone here from the very beginning. I am thankful and humbled to have the opportunity to work with such a committed group of people and look forward to the work we will do as a team to make our community better.