Getting to Know Community Action’s CFO Rupinder Malhi, CPA

Photo credit: Simone Moscovitch, Communications Intern

How did you learn about Community Action Partnership (CAP)?

I was the senior auditor at DBM, a local CPA firm that specializes in auditing for non-profit organizations and wineries. I was the lead auditor for many local non-profits, year after year, and learned a lot about how non-profit administration and finance. One day, I was brought in to audit at CAP!

What’s it like to lead the fiscal department for CAP?

The CFO position at CAP is a very complex job, because we have so many programs, government contracts and grants, and have 220 employees! Knowing all the complexity, it was tough to step into this position. But I really felt that because CAP is doing such good work in the community, if I can contribute to their success, then I should do it.

We have improved so much in such a short time. Our audit report this year shows the substantial progress that we have made, and even the auditor herself was very impressed with the improvement in our processes, procedures, and internal controls. Things are looking very positive for CAP.

How do you connect to the mission of CAP?

I am a religious person. I practice Sikhism, where equity is so important. Everyone should be treated equally. If people don’t have resources, we are supposed to share with them. Sharing is the main theme of Sikhism, and CAP is so involved in helping underprivileged people to lift them up. That’s where I get my encouragement, because of my personal views.

What do you enjoy doing for fun in Sonoma County?

I really enjoy all the outdoor living. I love taking my kids to the parks, hiking trails, and trying different wineries with my husband. I have two small boys, one is seven and one is three and a half. They are so full of energy. They start calling me around 4:00pm and telling me about what they have planned for the evening.

Anything else you’d like to say?

To our community donors and partners, thank you for your continuous support to CAP. It’s important that you see the renewed transparency in our agency, our financials, etc. This agency is a vital part of this community because the services we provide are critical for the survival of people in Sonoma County. We want our reputation in Sonoma County to be top-notch, and we welcome your interest and feedback.