Recently, I sat down with the women at Sloan House Women’s Shelter…

I had arrived with a list of questions and a camera, to be able to communicate more deeply to you, our supporters and local public, about the vital services and work happening daily at Sloan House Women’s Shelter.

After admiring the contributions of so many in our community, I sat down at the long wooden dining table where all the women were prepared for a house meeting and a case manager-led lesson about integrity.

They began speaking to me and telling their stories to one another. What I learned could never have come from my questions, but only from their courageous testimonials and my listening. I’ve attached some of their stories in the photos here.

Three related trends emerged quite clearly and quickly:
1. We are all one or two misfortunes from homelessness at any given time
2. We all have our cycles and routines; Some encourage growth, some destroy us
3. The demographics and faces of homelessness have changed in Sonoma County

It took all I had to not to cry a good cry at the dining table. Pain, real human pain, humbles us, and with the support of those around us and our resources, it can make us stronger, wiser, and more resilient. The two program managers (one FTE, one very PTE) and the loving, beautiful place of Sloan House are those safe resources for the 85-110 women and children per year in our community.

Please consider joining CAP and fellow Sloan advocates on Monday, August 14th at Lagunitas Brewing Company in Petaluma for CAPFest 2017, a fundraiser for Sloan House and Harold’s Home women’s shelters. Meet Kathy Ries, on-site Director of Sloan House, Sloan House “alumni”, and bring your friends, coworkers, and kids. Full event details and tickets can be found here.

Clay B. Daulton
Donor Relations Manager
Community Action Partnership of Sonoma County