FIVE Easy Ways to Support CAP Programs!

Walk !

Human Race
  • Human Race
  • May, 2017

Give !

Sloan House
  • Single donations
  • Ongoing donations

Buy !

Amazon Smile
  • Amazon Smile
  • 0.5% of your purchases are donated

Party !

Happy Hour
  • Happy Hour, Pending Summer 2017

Your contribution, no matter how small, will directly support our programs and the people in our community who need our help the most. Thank you for your contribution!

Frequent Questions
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Can I sponsor a specific program?
Yes! Many donors have a particular program focus and direct sponsorship provides a priority effort at the program of choice.
Can I donate stock?
Yes! Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Fund donations are a wonderful way to provide gifts with the potential of significant long-term value gains.
Do you have a planned giving program?
Absolutely! Planned giving is a wonderful program that provides positive change in our world while helping shape the legacy of your family.
What about commemorative or memorial gifts?
Commemorative and Memorial gifts are a beautiful method to honor loved ones or an event while having a lasting impact on others.