Adult English Language Learner Program

“It has been a wonderful experience for me because it has been very difficult [for] me to continue an education and get a good job due to my [immigration] status. Thank you so much for your support and opening new doors [so that] I can be successful.”

Problem Statement: The English Language Learner (ELL) Immersion Program was born out of the ongoing need to improve the English skills of the low-income, underserved communities of Sonoma County to improve job attainment and financial well-being.

Goal of the Program: To create faster acquisition of English skills in order to gain a better paying job and bring financial stability to the whole family. As a community-serving institution, we strongly believe that improving English skills in our community is crucial for economic equity as it will lead to improved employment opportunities and training options that are currently not available to them due to the language barrier.

Primary Activities:

  • 13 weeks and 170+ hours of instruction
  • lessons, group activities, homework, and use of computer software from Burlington English
  • complemented by guest presentations, mock interviews
  • regular sessions with our Mobility Coach to provide ongoing supportive services.

All activities accompanied with a monthly stipend for time in program, transportation support, childcare if needed and more.

Outcome Highlights:

  • Three cohorts at multiple sites around the county, serving 45 families
  • 100% prepares for a job search, interviews, and a career path
  • 92% learned financial literacy skills

Contact Information: Iliana Madrigal-Hooper