Child Care Facilities Grant

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Grant Opportunity Announcement 

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Community Action Partnership of Sonoma County in collaboration with Community Child Care Council of Sonoma County (4Cs) is administering funds to be used towards the improvement, expansion, and construction of child care facilities in Sonoma County but outside of Santa Rosa. We are accepting applications from the following: 

  • Early child care providers interested in capital improvements to their sites to preserve, enhance, or expand existing childcare spaces and maintain or increase their capacity to serve children from birth to five years old
  • Early childcare providers, interested in securing capital to develop viable, well-designed, and high-quality child care facilities

The goal is to increase access to high-quality child care options through expansion and retention of child care slots for working families in the greater Sonoma County area.

Please read our grant info document for further detailed information about this grant opportunity. Grant info doc can be accessed here.


Grants will be awarded for projects that increase or retain capacity to serve children ages 0-5 in the following ways:

  • Projects that increase or retain the direct service delivery space
    • Major construction, additions, refurbishment, etc. including project permitting fees
  • Projects that increase or retain non-direct service space 
    • Kitchens, bathrooms, storage, etc.
  • Projects that include purchasing of indoor or outdoor playground equipment 
    • Fixed equipment, shade, fencing/hazard enclosure, gates
  • Projects that include purchasing and installing fixed equipment that directly impacts capacity to serve children 0-5 years of age
    • Washers, dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers, stoves and flooring etc.
  • Projects that increase the facility’s health and safety
    • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, water leak mitigation, hazard testing and mitigation, electrical, plumbing, water filtration systems, fire safety, fixed sanitation equipment
  • Projects that improve or increase the accessibility for those with special physical or mental health needs

In order to be eligible for these grants, you must be:

  • Located inside Sonoma County but outside the city limits of Santa Rosa.
  • One of the following eligible entity types:
    • Licensed Family Child Care owners that serve children from birth through age 5
    • Developers and Employers focusing on creating child care slots for birth through age 5
    • License-exempt programs where:
      • Parents are not on site
      • Children are served from multiple families 
      • The facility serves less than 12 children from birth through age 5
      • Co-ops will be considered on a case-by-case basis
      • Non-child care facilities are not eligible
  • Able to provide proof of site control through December of 2026 (lease, deed, etc.) 

If you have any questions about your eligibility to apply, please use our Eligibility form to further determine your eligibility! The eligibility form can be accessed here.

How to Apply

To Apply please visit our online application here.

Paper applications may be requested from and submitted to Nathan Smith, ECERE Grant Manager [email protected] or by visiting one of our offices:

Community Action Partnership of Sonoma County 
141 Stony Circle Suite 210
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

4Cs Sonoma County
131-A Stony Circle
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

There will be two rounds of funding. Applications for the first round must be submitted and deemed complete by March 16th 2023. Applicants from the first round who are not selected will automatically be considered in the second round, which will close May 9th. 


If you have any questions or need any assistance during the application process please reach out to us. We are here to help!

Support in English:
ECERE Grant Manager, Nathan Smith
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 707-544-6911 ext 1092. 

Support in Spanish:
4C’s Coach, Olivia Vasquez
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 707-544-3077 ext 236