Dental Days at WIC

“If not for the WIC program, my child would not have received dental care.”

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Problem Statement: The U.S. Surgeon General identified Early Childhood Caries (EEC) as the most common chronic childhood disease. EEC, caused by bacteria transfer, is a highly infectious disease. About 80% of dental disease, including ECC, is concentrated in 20-25% of children, primarily those from low-income and /or minority populations. Surprisingly, EEC is five times more prevalent than asthma.

Goal of the Program: To improve the oral health of low-income children by increasing access to dental services through WIC’s Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children.

Primary Activities: Dental health education, dental screenings for children ages 0-5, dental cleanings, fluoride varnish applications, and referrals for treatment to community providers.

Outcome Highlights:

  • Over 13,000 visits since February 2010
  • 50-60 children referred each year for treatment of dental decay
  • Dental Days at WIC has been recognized as a local, state, and national model for innovative care

Contact Information:

  • Parents and child must be enrolled at WIC
  • Parents can sign up for the Dental Days at WIC class through WIC at 707-565-6590

Contact: Kathy Kane, RDHAP
Title: Program Manager
Phone & Extension: 707-544-6911 x1091

Clinic Manager: ‘A State of Crisis’ for Dental Care
Teacher: Children Suffer Due to Lack of Dental Care

Dental Days at WIC, a Community Action program, began in February of 2010 and has provided 12000+ preventive dental visits to date. Referrals to Dentists are made for children with cavities. Children with no cavities are invited back in six months for another preventive visit. Parents receive classroom education and one-on-one individual instruction on how to care for their children’s teeth.