Al Lerma


What is your favorite program or service offering that CAP provides and why?

The Head Start program builds a foundation for the educational future of our children.


CAP Sonoma has been in Sonoma County for over 55 years….how do you envision the organization serving the community for the next 55 years? Where do you want to see our energies and resources go? 

We need to continue to build on our most successful programs and services and be responsive to emerging needs in our community. 


What is your favorite Sonoma County gem (a restaurant, park, hike, store, event, etc.) …that you enjoy with friends and family? 

The Mitote Food Park!


How did you hear about CAP Sonoma and what made you want to join the board? 

I learned about CAP Sonoma from a long time staffer and was encouraged and inspired to learn more and do more.