Carolyn Spencer


Carolyn is a Paralegal working at Monahan Tucker Law specializing in ERISA, Property Litigation and Life/Health/Disability Bad Faith.  She obtained her Paralegal certification through UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education.

What is your favorite program or service offering that CAP provides and why?

I appreciate all of the services that CAP Sonoma provides but the housing programs literally changed the course of my life so I would have to say Earl Street is my favorite program.  

CAP Sonoma has been in Sonoma County for over 55 years….how do you envision the organization serving the community for the next 55 years? Where do you want to see our energies and resources go? 

I believe CAP Sonoma is on a great track.  Focusing on our most vulnerable and exploited communities to even the playing field is what I would like to see. I would like to see a complete wrap-around program for individuals to really help those that want to help themselves to a better and more fulfilling life. This program would include: job skills, financial literacy, a stipend while in the program, housing, childcare, transportation assistance (even working with local tow companies to see if we can get vehicles for these participants), therapy or counseling, tutoring for children and adults, education support.  A program where all the person needs to do is genuinely focus on their healing and growth, without the worry and stress of everyday life.   

What is your favorite Sonoma County gem (a restaurant, park, hike, store, event, etc.) …that you enjoy with friends and family? 

Hiking Taylor Mountain and Annadel State Park

How did you hear about CAP Sonoma and what made you want to join the board? 

I have experienced CAP Sonoma’s housing and financial stability programs first hand and was asked if I would be  interested in joining the Board after speaking at a Violence Prevention Partnership meeting.