Ed Chio

What is your favorite program or service offering that CAP provides and why?

Head Start.  As a parent of a four-year-old, I understand the importance of providing children with a nurturing and safe environment to grow.  Head Start does just that!  I appreciate its emphasis on raising a reader as well.

CAP Sonoma has been in Sonoma County for over 55 years….how do you envision the organization serving the community for the next 55 years? Where do you want to see our energies and resources go? 

CAP Sonoma needs to continue to be data-driven and responsive to the needs of the community.  It would be helpful for our Head Start parents if it can offer more full day center-based classes. Front line teachers and workers’ salaries need to be competitive and take into account the cost of living in Sonoma County.

What is your favorite Sonoma County gem (a restaurant, park, hike, store, event, etc.) …that you enjoy with friends and family? 

Poppy Bank Epicenter (especially on rainy days), Children Museum of Sonoma County, Sushiko, Hazel Hill at Montage Healdsburg!  It’s hard to choose just one gem!

How did you hear about CAP Sonoma and what made you want to join the board? 

I joined the CAP Sonoma Board of Directors in August 2021 and serve on its Finance and HR committees.  I am a dentist at Santa Rosa Community Health and first heard about CAP Sonoma in 2014 through “Give Kids a Smile Day”, a program of CAP Sonoma which partners with multiple health center dental programs in the county to provide not only preventative dental treatment to uninsured and under-insured children, but also dental homes. I was immediately attracted to the organization’s mission and vision.  In 2021, I was delighted to learn that there was a board vacancy and viewed it as a tremendous opportunity to give back to Sonoma County, an extraordinary place filled with kindness that has done so much for me personally and professionally.