Mary Leonard-Wilson

What is your favorite program or service offering that CAP provides and why?

Head Start-early access to education resources ensures children are ready for school. The
program encompasses the whole family, offering literacy, parent education and leadership

CAP Sonoma has been in Sonoma County for over 55 years….how do you envision the organization serving the community for the next 55 years? Where do you want to see our energies and resources go? 

Future of CAPS-expanding its existing services to meet underserved needs of the community.

What is your favorite Sonoma County gem (a restaurant, park, hike, store, event, etc.) …that you enjoy with friends and family? 

Sonoma County-the wine country, including the Russian River, Alexander Valley and Valley of the Moon, and the town of Healdsburg with its many fine restaurants.

How did you hear about CAP Sonoma and what made you want to join the board? 

Beth Ryan, Exchange Bank’s Community Relations and Engagement Officer, introduced me to Cynthia King after hearing of a potential opening on CAP’s Board. At the time, I had been interested in serving on a local board that offered programs to address critical needs of the community. After meeting with Cynthia and a few board members who shared their vision of the organization, it seemed like a good fit.