Orlando Macias

What is your favorite program or service offering that CAP provides and why?

Outside of Lifeworks, it would have to be Padres Unidos. At the core of all successful families are content and in control parents. Creating a community with others and connecting to situations and circumstances that others are experiencing allows you to feel as though you are not alone as a parent. 

CAP Sonoma has been in Sonoma County for over 55 years….how do you envision the organization serving the community for the next 55 years? Where do you want to see our energies and resources go? 

The growth of our programs that connect communities is a must. Communities are disconnected, so the focus of the work must be on re-integration or simple engagement of all participants.

What is your favorite Sonoma County gem (a restaurant, park, hike, store, event, etc.) …that you enjoy with friends and family? 

My family loves going to the Himalayan Restaurant in Windsor. After coaching several youth sports for many years, I truly enjoy watching all young athletes participate in sports. It is the one area where the only difference we must overcome is our willingness to put out our maximum effort.

How did you hear about CAP Sonoma and what made you want to join the board? 

I was first introduced to CAP Sonoma by the late and very missed Vince Harper. Vince was not only a champion of the community, but someone who wanted to share his passion and love for the community with others. As a prior police officer with the City of Santa Rosa, I often ran into CAP Sonoma and Vince at various gang prevention events and meetings. Eight years ago I joined the board and became board president of Lifeworks of Sonoma County. Earlier this year, CAP Sonoma merged with Lifeworks to expand our ability to provide mental health services and access to our most vulnerable residents. I wanted to continue to support the tremendous programs LIfeWorks provided and give my support and voice to all of what CAP Sonoma provides to the Sonoma County community.