R.M. Horrell


What drew you to CAP Sonoma?
The mission speaks to me.  I grew up in poverty.  It was a situation where we lost our electricity occasionally, the phone more frequently, and the house, eventually.  Each time something in our lives had brought up a new struggle, it led to a new loss, and a new expense.  Living below the poverty line can make you feel like everything is stacked against you.  I know how difficult it is, how expensive it is, and how hard the system is to navigate.  At CAP Sonoma, I feel that I have a chance to not merely treat the impacts of poverty, but address the very systems that cause, perpetuate, and profit from poverty.

What achievement are you most proud of since you joined the CAP Sonoma Board?
I am most proud to see the increased diversity in the board at CAP Sonoma.  I feel that the board more greatly reflects the community in terms of cultural, racial and ethnic backgrounds, in age and experience, in gender and gender expression, in socio economic backgrounds, and in LGBTQI+ and disability representation, and the intersectionality thereof.  No agency can purport to serve a community that isn’t reflected in that agency’s leadership.

What is a Sonoma County gem – restaurant, park, hike, store..that you’ve discovered or enjoyed recently?
I am an avid foodie to be sure and there are many great spots–but here are a couple top spots for me: BREW for coffee and pastries and ambience, HANDLINE for the happy hour fish tacos, and SEQUOIA BURGER for the mountains of fries!

Have you tried your hand at any artistic or creative pursuits lately?
Actually, I have been exploring my creative side for the past year or so.  I am writing a  novel and I am now twenty chapters in!  I love writing and I have found it to be cathartic and I appreciate the self-reflection.

What is something on your bucket list that you hope to experience or achieve?
I would love to work more closely in the political sphere again, working with, or for electeds or as one myself.  I interned for the Honorable Emanuel Cleaver, II of Missouri’s Fifth District when he won his seat in Congress nearly 20 years ago and it changed me for the better.  Now, the more I see what is happening, the more hurt and fear and just general unkindness that is being spread, the more I want to get involved and affect greater change.