Padres Unidos

“I was able to compromise, to be less confrontational with my children. They love to come to the class. I hug them and give them a lot of kisses. Now, we are able to enjoy more time together.” -Padres Unidos Parent

Problem Statement: Too many of our Sonoma County youth are getting involved in “risky behaviors” such as using drugs, engaging in non-protective sexual relations, running away from home and joining gangs. Results of such behaviors include teenage pregnancy, dropping out of school, entering in the criminal justice system, and creating divisive familial disputes.

Goal of the Program: Increasing active parental supervision through presence and communication. The program has a goal of creating support groups for these families to reinforce lessons learn and to create a community of supervision and support.

Primary Activities:

  • 16-Week Curriculum driven sessions
  • Group support sessions for 9 weeks with rotating participant leadership roles in groups
  • The Youth Development Specialist Role is an important element to the program.  Case Management for high-risk youth of parents attending Padres Unidos
  • Connections with outside expert resources (e.g. SRPD, County Judge, District Attorney)
  • Referrals to CAP & partner organizations support services (e.g. VITA, IDA, Community Engagement)

Outcome Highlights:

  • 60% of parents able to institute parental supervision
  • 90% of parents able to show love and affection to kids
  • 70% increase communication between school and home
  • Since 2004 approx. 800 families have gone through program

Contact Information:

  • Carlos del Pozo
    Program Manager, Southwest Family Resource Center
    (707) 579-4816 ext. 3198


Padres Unidos is a sixteen week Spanish language parent training program designed specifically for the parents’ strong-willed and out-of-control teenagers. Padres Unidos’ utilizes the nationally recognized Parent Project SR® curriculum to teach parents concrete identification, prevention and intervention strategies for the most destructive adolescent behaviors. The program addresses the needs of parents dealing with issues related to poor school attendance and performance, alcohol and other drug use, gang involvement, violence and runaways.

To increase the impact for parents, Community Action’s program model includes bilingual, bi-cultural facilitators, a Youth Development Specialist who can meet with the families on a one-on-one basis, and an alumni program to keep families in touch, that offers refresher classes as needed.