Southwest Family Resource Center

Problem Statement: For students in the Roseland School District, there are higher rates of truancy, low academic performance and “risky” adolescent behaviors. Many of these characteristics stem from the student’s families experiencing the lack of housing, food and familiarity with the local school system.

Goal of the Program: Through a Coordinated Services Team (CST) model, SWFRC involves teachers, counselors and family therapists to collectively solve problems and address student challenges together. This team possesses the expertise to address basic needs of families as well as improving more complex familial dynamics in order to improve the student’s academic success.

Primary Activities:

  • Community resource sharing
  • Family Fiesta Night
  • “Parent Club” monthly meetings
  • Home visits addressing truancy and lack of basic needs

Contact Information:

  • Carlos del Pozo
    Program Manager, Southwest Family Resource Center
    (707) 579-4816 ext. 3198

The Southwest Family Resource Center is an early intervention, school-based program providing family support to address issues that may negatively impact a student’s success in school.

The program delivers advocacy services to families living in poverty primarily in the southwest area of Santa Rosa. The families served often live in substandard housing, and face emotional and social challenges. Our goal is to strengthen families to help them raise healthy and successful children and teenagers.

Parents gain the skills and resources necessary to raise healthy and successful children through:

  • Building parental resilience,
  • Increasing family social connections,
  • Providing concrete support in times of need,
  • Teaching good parenting and child development practices, and
  • Strengthening the social and emotional competence of children.

Engaging with the entire family results in reduced child abuse, and improves school attendance, GPA, and social behaviors for children.