Youth Civic Engagement Project (YCEP)

“I Vote Because…I want my voice to be heard.”

Problem Statement: Santa Rosa youth often have limited opportunities to create change through youth-led events and activities.

Goal of the Program: Provide youth the training and support to address community problems in Santa Rosa to promote civic engagement, increase voter registration, and give a voice to youth.

Primary Activities:

  • Youth leadership development and training activities
  • Connections to community organizations and agencies
  • Linkages to policy and decision makers
  • Youth-led campaigns in the areas of voter registration and civic engagement
  • Weekly leadership meetings
  • Ongoing outreach and service opportunities

Outcome Highlights:

  • Increased leadership skills among participating youth
  • Increased participation in community building and service among participating youth
  • Increased voter registration among disenfranchised communities

Contact Information:

Vince Harper